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End all US funding to Israel

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If a just and lasting peace is to be realized in Israel and Palestine, U.S. policy must change. The start of 2023 has been deadly for Palestinians. Since the start of the year, at least 177 Palestinians, including 30 children, have been killed by the Israeli military and settlers. Repeated Israeli military attacks on Palestinian cities have dramatically increased—as have levels of violence and attacks on Palestinians by settlers, often with military support. The current Israeli government is making things worse. The ruling coalition came to power on a platform of explicit supremacy, stating that only Israeli Jews have a right to sovereignty in the land located between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. This runs directly counter to the peace positions supported by the U.S. government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers have promised to expand existing settlements, “legalize” outposts built on Palestinian land, and establish new settlements—all while moving to formally annex the West Bank to Israel. Thousands of Palestinians are being forcibly displaced as their homes, schools, and infrastructure are being demolished in Area B and C of the West Bank and in Jerusalem. New settlements are being approved, settlers have started to set up new illegal outposts, and attacks by settlers on Palestinians are a daily occurrence. The rise of settler violence this year is of particular concern. During the first half of 2023, there were over 525 attacks by settlers on Palestinians, including 137 that resulted in physical injury or death. Key Israeli government officials have expressed support for the settlers and encouraged more violence. The U.S. must hold Israel accountable for its actions to stop the violence and to realize a just and lasting peace for all Palestinians and Israelis. Pressure must be placed on Israel to change its behavior and stop violating human rights. U.S. military funding to Israel, which sustains Israel’s occupation and violence, must end. I therefore urge you to take action to end all U.S. military assistance to Israel. It is immoral for the U.S. to continue supporting Israeli oppression and violence against Palestinians.

▶ Created on February 24 by Weston

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