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An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Pa. only)


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I am writing you as a concerned mother regarding the devastating flood that destroyed the Antietam Junior Senior High School. The Antietam School district has faced many obstacles moving forward with their plan to rebuild. The biggest obstacle is the Mt Penn borough’s continued resistance to re-zoning a district building that is currently being used as a primary school (grades K-3) for use as a high school. This re-zoning is critical to the school district’s plan to rebuild and restructure. At a recent community town hall meeting, the Borough appeared as though they might be cooperative but now at a liaison meeting today with representatives from the school board, Mt Penn Borough and Lower Alsace Township, the Borough appears to be back tracking. It has been made known that anymore delays could result in the high schoolers being virtual for the 2024-2025 school year. Enough is enough. As a mother of a high schooler and a third grader I am very concerned about the future of our school. And I am outraged and absolutely baffled at the Mt Penn Borough’s complete disregard for the education of our students. They have selfishly prioritized parking and foot traffic and whatever other issues they can create over not only our children’s education but their very well being and mental health. They have looked our children in the face and essentially said “you do not matter” Well my children along with all the other children in this district do matter and they deserve an education. I thought that was a basic right. How can the Mt Penn Borough hold so much power in this? Is there no oversight or intervening that can be done? Please help us.

▶ Created on February 14 by Jessica

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