Resistbot Petition: Day 30 of Writing until Roe vs. Wade is Codified
An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Day 30 of Writing until Roe vs. Wade is Codified

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“Criminalisation and restrictive laws on abortion prevent health-care providers from doing their job properly and from providing the best care options for their patients, in line with good medical practice and their professional ethical responsibilities. Criminalisation of abortion results in a “chilling effect”, whereby medical professionals may not understand the bounds of the law or may apply the restrictions in a narrower way than required by the law. This may be because of a number of reasons, including personal beliefs, stigma about abortion, negative stereotypes about women and girls, or the fear of criminal liability. It also deters women and girls from seeking post-abortion care for complications due to unsafe abortion or other pregnancy related complications.” Abortion access is healthcare. These decisions should be made between people and their doctors WITHOUT the interference of the government. Codify Roe vs. Wade.

▶ First sent on June 6, 2022 by Melissa

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