Resistbot Petition: Urgent humanitarian intervention needed in Gaza crisis

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Urgent humanitarian intervention needed in Gaza crisis

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The situation in Gaza is catastrophic - Israel's blockade of all aid is threatening the collapse of the remaining operational hospitals within days. Without access to fuel, food, water, and medical supplies, countless Palestinian lives hang in the balance. Already, the largest hospital in Rafah has been forced to shut down after being targeted by Israeli forces. Other hospitals have just 1-3 days of fuel left and are being overwhelmed by the influx of injured civilians amidst the onslaught. This humanitarian crisis, brought on by Israel's brutal siege tactics and disproportionate use of force, is unconscionable and demands immediate international intervention. A ceasefire must be enacted immediately to prevent further loss of life and allow unimpeded entry of humanitarian aid. Furthermore, all U.S. arms sales and military funding to Israel should be suspended until their forces withdraw and accountability is established for alleged war crimes committed against the Palestinian people. Simultaneously, funding must be reinstated for UNRWA to support its vital operations providing relief to those displaced and impacted by this manufactured catastrophe. Inaction will only enable further atrocities - this deepening crisis requires an emphatic global response to protect innocent Palestinian civilians. Source:

▶ Created on May 11 by Israelisrealterrorist

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