Resistbot Petition: Trump/Putin or NATO ?Resistbot Petition: Trump/Putin or NATO ?

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Trump/Putin or NATO ?

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Breaking Legislative News re: Ukraine Here are the 17 Republican Senators who broke rank with Trump and MAGA to support Ukraine in it's fight against Putin, Trump and MAGA: Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana Senator Susan Collins of Maine Senator John Cornyn of Texas Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska Senator Mitt Romney of Utah Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska Senator John Thune of South Dakota Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi Senator Todd Young of Indiana Tennessee Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Haggerty now have a cord of steel to connect their names to those of Trump and Putin .. throughout history. Shame on them. ------------ Now it's on to the House of Representatives, where we get a second answer to David Frum's question: "Will enough of Trump’s party finally be willing to stick up for Ukraine and NATO, rather than follow his lead and bow to Russia?" ..... "This is a harrowing and thrilling moment, one that will test them—and all of us." ----------------- The nation watches! Fleischmann will continue his Barabbas (give me the criminal) routine: "When I get back to Washington, when I see Donald Trump, I'm going to tell him I love him," and, who embraces the 6 time bankrupter cesspool who dares step on the soil of Normandy and still says of our NATO allies, "If they don't pay their bills, I'd tell Russia, 'to Hell with NATO." Makes me puke. All three of them.

▶ Created on February 13 by Richard

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