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No Haitian Deportations

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Until the years of Donald Trump the United States had one of the greatest refugee programs in the world. We offered refuge to more people by far than any nation or group of nations in the world, and were a symbol of hope to those stricken by disaster. Then for reasons that have nothing to do with Security and everything to do with racism, Donald Trump greatly reduced the number and rate at which we aid refugees. So I ask of President Biden to please reverse theses racist policies and start taking groups refugees once more. More specifically I am asking the Biden administration cease all attempts to deport those currently fleeing Haiti. Instead I ask that the Biden administration create a clear path to asylum for them and treat them with respect and humanity. I feel we can all agree that what happened to Haiti is a tragedy and the bare minimum the United States can do is give these individuals a chance at a better life. That is after all the promise our great nation is founded on.

First sent on September 19 by Sam

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