Resistbot Petition: Don't Allow Corporations to Hide: PROTECT Transparency in MISSOURI WATER Usage! (Mo. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Mo. only)

Don't Allow Corporations to Hide: PROTECT Transparency in MISSOURI WATER Usage!

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I am writing to express my strong opposition to SB1351 (Luetkemeyer) and HB2669 (Diehl), which seek to keep the personally identifiable information of major water users confidential from Sunshine Requests when they file registration documents with the Division of Geology and Land Survey and makes it a misdemeanor for any DGLS employees to disclose such information. Proponents argue this bill is necessary to protect Missouri’s farmers but a majority of Missouri’s farms that qualify as major water users are owned by corporations. This measure undermines transparency and accountability in water usage practices, posing significant risks to our state's water resources and public welfare. Transparency is essential for effective oversight of water management practices. By concealing the identities and locations of major water users, this bill would hinder regulatory agencies and environmental organizations' ability to monitor and regulate water extraction activities. Without access to detailed information, we cannot ensure responsible water usage or address potential environmental harm caused by excessive extraction. Moreover, the confidentiality of major water users' information could facilitate undisclosed water exportation agreements, allowing precious resources to be transferred out of state without public knowledge or scrutiny. This lack of transparency poses a threat to local ecosystems, water security, and community well-being. While Missouri may not currently face severe water scarcity issues, proactive measures are necessary to address future challenges. Transparency and accountability in water usage practices are critical for mitigating the impacts of climate change, population growth, and increasing water demands on our state's resources. Furthermore, maintaining confidentiality undermines the public's right to access information about activities that impact natural resources. Transparency is fundamental to democratic decision-making and public participation in water management and conservation efforts. For these reasons, I urge you to reject SB1351, HB2669, and any similar bills, and uphold transparency in water usage practices. Protecting our state's water resources requires open access to information and robust accountability measures. Thank you for your consideration.

▶ Created on February 23 by MO Residents

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