Resistbot Petition: Help the Iranian People in their Fight Against the Islamic Regime

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Help the Iranian People in their Fight Against the Islamic Regime

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I am writing as your constituent to ask for your support for the Iranian people fighting for freedom from the oppressive Islamic Republic regime. Iranians have set several expectations of the international community, and as leaders of the free world, I feel Americans should meet those demands. First: We must pass the MAHSA Act H.R. 589 “to impose sanctions on the Supreme Leader of Iran, the President of Iran, and their respective offices for human rights abuses and support for terrorism.” Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Reisi sit at the helm of a brutal and oppressive regime that has been recorded committing human rights violations for 44 years. This brutality is on display as Iranians protest for an end to the Islamic Republic following Mahsa Jina Amini’s brutal death in custody on September 16, 2022. To see a wealth of evidence of these atrocities, please see @1500tasvir, a trusted Iranian activist group, on Twitter and Instagram. Ali Khamenei also heads an international terrorism syndicate. Via the IRGC, and the Quds Force, funds, supplies, and trains terror proxy groups in the region and world. For evidence, please see Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s recent report on IRGC terrorist activity and United Against Nuclear Iran’s website. Second: Regime Act H.R. 869 would benefit the Iranian people by enabling the United States to cut off channels for the Islamic Republic to violate sanctions and immigration laws. It is estimated that over 4,000 family members of regime officials live in the West. Third: As leaders of the free world, the U.S. should urge all allies, including but not limited to the United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, Egypt, UAE, Japan, South Korea, and Canada, to label the IRGC for what it is, a terrorist organization. Next: NIAC (National Iranian American Council) has long been known as the regime’s lobbying group in the U.S. While they have dominated politics, Iranians have never aligned with their interests, which is in direct contradiction with anyone in the free world who has been or may one day become a victim of I.R. terror. Lastly: H.R. 100 is very problematic, “...and showed support for the opposition leader Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for the future of Iran...” does not align with Iranian opinion. The U.S. must consider the documented nature of the NCRI and Maryam Rajavi as representatives of MEK. MEK has committed terrorist activities, evidenced by their inclusion on the State Department Terror List while operating with cult-like tendencies and human rights abuses, as the Rand National Defense Research Institute reported. Iranians have approved a solidarity council led by Reza Pahlavi. Other members include Masih Alinejad and Nazanin Boniadi. For evidence of said approval, please see Ramadan surveys. This solidarity group has partnered with NUFDI to create a Strategic Iran Policy Initiative for maximum support. Thank You.

▶ Created on April 15, 2023 by JASON

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