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You've abandoned American citizens who've been trapped in Gaza. Three American citizens have been confirmed to be kidnapped by Israel, and are being tortured in military detention with no charges. This fate faces thousands of Palestinians already. We have so much credible evidence of the kind of torture and violations of human rights that Israel perpetrates in their defacto concentration camps - Save The Children has multiple, historic reports detailing the horrors. If you don't care about Palestinians, one would hope you'd actually care about Americans. Of course, however, you don't care about Americans, either - especially Palestinian-Americans, especially Americans who don't agree with your insanity. You make me so deeply ashamed of this country. The Nasser Hospital is now without power. Approximately 120 medical staff and patients are currently being held captive with no food, water, electricity, medicine or other necessities of life. Critical patients who desperately need evacuation and safe passage to another medical facility are not allowed to leave. Even if they could evacuate, Israel has already destroyed the rest of the medical infrastructure in Gaza - what do you think is going to happen to them if this is allowed to continue? Doctors have been reporting that patients are dying from minor burns because there are no antibiotics to deal with the infection. What more needs to happen to Palestinians before your conscience demands you act? How can you continue to ignore the moral imperative to stand up for humanity? I demand that you: Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire Call for the immediate end of Israel's occupation and apartheid and support Palestinians in their fight for freedom and peace Hold Israel accountable for their violations of the Genocide Convention and all other international laws by any means necessary Secure the immediate release and safety of all Palestinians who have been abducted and held captive by Israel, including those whose indefinite detention began prior to 10/7 Permanently end all monetary, diplomatic, and military aid given to Israel and enforce Leahy Law Reallocate all funds given to Israel and commit additional resources for ongoing humanitarian relief for Palestinians starting with immediately resume funding of UNRWA Immediately withdraw all U.S. troops, military assets, and all other assets deployed throughout the Middle East and cease all actions that further escalate a larger regional conflict Pass legislation that voids all anti-BDS laws at the federal level Restore my right to free speech and the freedom of the press by condemning all discrimination or harassment for criticizing any government or political ideology (including zionism) and by doing everything possible to prevent future assaults to my rights, including governmental control and/or censorship of the Internet

▶ Created on February 16 by Sarah

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