Resistbot Petition: Vote YES to pass WHPA of 2021Resistbot Petition: Vote YES to pass WHPA of 2021

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Vote YES to pass WHPA of 2021

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I am writing to you as your constituent to demand immediate measures be taken to protect the constitutional right to an abortion for those of us capable of pregnancy. The actions of officials in Texas, the passing of SB8, the bounties placed on the heads of citizens, and the deputization of fanatics based on religious overreach is an appalling show of evangelical and right wing disregard for our liberties. At a federal level, we demand the Women's Health Protection Act be passed posthaste. The rights of women and other individuals to receive safe access to reproductive medicine, namely abortion, must be protected. The WHPA will help to guarantee access for those of us in need.  Pass the WHPA as the first step to preventing future officials from undermining the autonomy, constitutional rights, and religious freedom of our citizenry. We have the House, the Senate, and the White House- the people have spoken, and they must be heard. Remember that you are an elected official, that you must act as a public servant and represent the wills of your community. Elections are coming up and our country is watching to see what you will do. Protect reproductive health care. Protect the right to safe medical abortions. Prevent the abhorrent practice of bounties and citizen deputization along party lines. Honor our rights and the separation of church and state. Promises are not enough. You MUST act.

▶ Created on September 18, 2021 by Without Us Strike

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