Resistbot Petition: STOP HELPING ISRAELResistbot Petition: STOP HELPING ISRAEL

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress


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Why??? Why are you letting this happen? Why are you sending $14 billion of OUR TAX DOLLARS to the Israeli state? THAT MONEY IS FOR HELPING PEOPLE. People who work REALLY hard to get by in this world! To Israel, who has intentionally corralled the majority of Gaza’s people in Rafah after months of merciless, hellish murder and destruction! I don’t need to tell you the numbers because they are everywhere: but imagine one single child - Imagine you had a chance to save one single child who has been living in terror for months and lost everything! Lost her family, lost her friends, her home, she has no water, no food, I don’t know how she is even still going at this point, but she’s alive today. You could save her. You could vow to never vote for money or weapons to Israel! You have that power. Watching all of you have the power to stop this and not do it has been one of the most engaging and disillusioning experiences of my life. I don’t know what the point of voting is. I wish you could just be truthful and say into a microphone for all to hear the real reasons why you were letting this happen because the answer cannot be October 7! I really don’t understand! It’s illogical! Every single day since then has been an October 7 level collective punishment upon the Palestinian people. This isn’t defense! If you write back to me that you support Israel’s right to defend themselves, I’m going to scream in the street, and also I cannot vote for you. If you want to threaten me with Donald Trump’s autocracy, that’s not on me, you failed to hold him and his MAGA followers accountable for his endless open crimes. Not another penny, not another dime: no more money to Israel.

▶ Created on February 12 by Jennifer

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