Resistbot Petition: Keep climate provisions in the BBB!
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Keep climate provisions in the BBB!

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I urge you not to compromise on the transformative content of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act. I support passing legislation which includes all of its critically important elements. Investments in clean energy jobs, climate resilience and protecting our planet from further damage Home care for the elderly and disabled Extending the Child Tax Credits that have already led to historic reductions in child poverty Expanding Medicare to cover vision, hearing and dental care Medicaid expansion and ACA subsidies so millions can access quality, affordable health care Lower drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate pricing Paid Family and Medical Leave Child care subsidies and free Pre-K Free Community College Funding for Housing and combatting homelessness And most importantly: raising taxes on Corporations and the wealthiest Americans who need to pay their fare share of taxes. Both infrastructure bills are vital and need to be passed together. Thanks.

▶ First sent on October 7, 2021 by Jessica

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