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Israel's indiscriminate slaughter as part of their ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza has claimed the lives of 2 more Israeli hostages, today 6/15. It's been obvious since the beginning Israel doesn't even care about their own people being collateral damage as long as they are able to continue their ethnic cleansing campaign. In fact, there is mounting, credible evidence that Israel has intentionally sought out to murder their own. The UN Human Rights Commission's recent report outlines multiple times the "officially revoked" Hannibal Directive was used by Israel, including on 10/7. The directive authorizes Israeli forces to murder other Israelis to prevent their possible capture. A verified statement from an Israeli solider proved they intentionally targeted a vehicle they believed to have Israeli hostages with the explicit purpose to murder, not save them. Israel has targeted all means necessary to sustain life in Gaza. Every single water well has now been destroyed in northern Gaza. No one in Gaza has access to clean water which has led to a disturbing surge in water borne diseases. No hospital in Gaza has ever been safe from Israel's intentional destruction, either. The full details of the absolute destruction of the Al-Shifa Hospital only gets clearer by the day - testimony from survivors is disturbing. Israeli forces tortured, murdered, and took hundreds of hostages. Palestinians were subjected to systematic sexual violence as part of the torture. Unfortunately, this is also not a new crime against humanity Israel has committed. Another recent UN report exposed the systematic targeted sexual and gender-based violence Israel has employed against Palestinians since just 10/7. Throughout occupied Palestine, not just in Gaza, Israel has subjected Palestinian men, women, and children to forced public nudity, sexual torture and abuse, as well as sexual harassment and humiliation. Men and boys have faced the most severe forms of sexual violence. Israeli forces are violently sodomizing men and boys causing severe internal injuries that have even led to multiple deaths. I demand that you:  – Hold Israel accountable for a permanent, immediate ceasefire, their violations of the Genocide Convention, and gross human rights violations by any means necessary – Call for the immediate end of Israel’s occupation and apartheid and support Palestinians in their fight for freedom and peace – Secure the immediate release and safety of all Palestinians who have been abducted and held captive by Israel, including those whose indefinite detention began prior to 10/7 – Permanently end all monetary, diplomatic, and military aid given to Israel and enforce Leahy Law – Immediately withdraw all U.S. troops, military assets, and all other assets deployed throughout the Middle East and cease all actions that further escalate a larger regional conflict

▶ Created on June 15 by Sarah

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