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Permanently End Line 3

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Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline is unconstitutional. It continues to infringe on the rights and safety of Indigenous peoples, mainly the local Anishinaabe nations. Water protectors are fulfilling the government’s duties to protect human health, safety, and drinking water. Line 3 threatens vulnerable habitats and natural resources along the Mississippi River and its tributaries, including 40% of our country’s water supply. This pipeline could drive the endangered Higgins’ mussel of the Mississippi River to extinction, devastating its ecosystem. Indigenous peoples face the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit People. 4 out of 5 Indigenous women are affected by violence and pipelines increase that statistic. Man camps often exist near tribal lands and are breeding grounds for human trafficking. Four Line 3 workers were arrested in trafficking stings at two separate locations. We must address all of the consequences caused by Enbridge’s  pipelines. Demands: 1. Permanently end the expansion of the Line 3 Pipeline in Minnesota on treaty land 2. Permanently end the construction and drilling along the Mississippi River   3. Abide by the SDWA (96’) as the pipeline threatens our declining drinking supply 4. Amend Savanna’s Act to recognize pipelines as a direct cause in increasing MMIW cases  5. Reinvest funds into clean and renewable energy 6. Pardon wrongfully incarcerated water and land protectors 7. Divest entirely from Enbridge and apply these same demands to the Line 4 and 5 pipeline 8. Revise Bill H.R. 1374 to exclude Section B, Part 6 stating the permission and encouragement of lethal force against Indigenous Peoples (and allies referred to overall here as Water Protectors)  9. Enforce the EPA to release a statement about Line 3 and its ecological impacts

First sent on August 4 by Concerned Citizens

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