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Pass the Expanding American Entrepreneurship Act

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The Expanding American Entrepreneurship Act is a bipartisan piece of legislation that presents a significant opportunity to diversify the funding base for new companies. By increasing the maximum number of permitted angel investors from 250 to 500 and raising the cap on angel funds from $10 million to $50 million, the Act could provide a broader range of entrepreneurs with the necessary capital to innovate and grow. This legislation will democratize access to early-stage capital, a crucial factor in fostering innovation and economic growth, and democratize wealth creation by allowing more Americans to participate in angel investing. Per Senator Moran, “By increasing the allowed number of investors for angel fund and the max these funds are able to receive, Main Street will have more access to investing. This will also expand opportunities for entrepreneurs to secure investments for their start-ups. Entrepreneurship is the bedrock of the American economy. Allowing a larger pool of Main Street investors the ability to raise capital for American small businesses is crucial to more companies choosing to go public.” Per Senator Warner: “This bipartisan legislation will allow entrepreneurs to raise more funds with more contributors, enable start-ups to gain access to a new pool of investors, and give individuals with less access to capital more opportunities to invest at lower rates.” American innovation continues to lead the world by a wide margin, and this legislation will only add more fuel to the fire. Please pass this bill. Thank you.

▶ Created on November 20, 2023 by Jason

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