Resistbot Petition: Defend Palestinian Nassar family's property rights at Tent of Nations

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Defend Palestinian Nassar family's property rights at Tent of Nations

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The indefinite postponement of the Nassar family's court hearing to re-register their ownership of the Tent of Nations farm is a grave injustice. For over three decades, this Palestinian family has endured legal battles to retain their ancestral land located between Hebron and Bethlehem, despite possessing all necessary documentation proving ownership since 1916. The repeated delays and cancellations of court dates appear to be a deliberate tactic to prevent the lawful re-registration process from concluding. This obstruction of justice enables the ongoing encroachment and harassment by Israeli settlers, who have constructed surrounding outposts and roads on the Nassars' private property in recent months, in blatant violation of previous Israeli Supreme Court rulings prohibiting such actions during the re-registration proceedings. The family's right to cultivate their land is consistently undermined by settler intimidation and restrictions on access, severely impacting their livelihood. I urge you to demand that Israeli authorities immediately reschedule the Tent of Nations land ownership hearing without further postponement. Justice has been obstructed for far too long. The Nassar family must finally have their legal ownership affirmed to safeguard their home and agricultural lands from dispossession. Continued denial of their legitimate rights enables the de facto confiscation of Palestinian property through bureaucratic stalling tactics. Prompt and fair adjudication of this long-standing case is an essential matter of justice and human rights.

▶ Created on July 8 by Sara

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