Resistbot Petition: Sign Senate Bill 58 into Law (Calif. only)Resistbot Petition: Sign Senate Bill 58 into Law (Calif. only)

An open letter to State Governors (Calif. only)

Sign Senate Bill 58 into Law

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Support for Senate Bill 58 is crucial. This legislation, which decriminalizes the possession and personal use of certain natural psychedelics, could be transformative for individuals suffering from PTSD, depression, and addiction. The bill also mandates a study on the therapeutic use of these substances, providing an evidence-based approach to policy. Concerns about potential risks and regulation are valid, but they should not hinder progress. Instead, they should guide the development of comprehensive guidelines and safeguards. By voting in favor of this bill, you would be supporting a more compassionate, evidence-based approach to drug policy that prioritizes individual well-being over punitive measures.

▶ Created on September 8 by Courtney

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