Resistbot Petition: Nominate & Confirm an FCC Chair Who Will Fight for the People, Not Big Telecom!
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Nominate & Confirm an FCC Chair Who Will Fight for the People, Not Big Telecom!

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I’m writing to express my extreme outrage and disappointment that Gigi Sohn, President Biden’s extraordinary and qualified candidate to be the next FCC Commissioner, had to withdraw her nomination after being blocked by lawmakers in the pocket of Big Telecom. Sohn herself said: “The American people are the real losers here. The FCC deadlock, now over two years long, will remain so for a long time... ironically, the 2-2 FCC will remain sidelined at the most significant opportunity for broadband in our lifetimes. Our broadband will be more expensive for lack of competition, and minority and underrepresented voices will be marginalized. Our private information will continue to be used and sold at the whim of our broadband providers. It means that the FCC will not have a majority to adopt strict rules which ensure that everyone has nondiscriminatory access to broadband, regardless of who they are or where they live, and that low-income students will continue to be forced to do their school work sitting outside of Taco Bell because universal service funds can’t be used for broadband in their homes. And it means many rural Americans will continue the long wait for broadband because the FCC can’t fix its Universal Service programs. This is unacceptable. I want President Biden to swiftly nominate someone to fill this role that puts the American people first over all other interests. And when he does, I want Congress to support that nominee wholeheartedly. Remember, you work for us. Thank you.

▶ First sent on March 7 by Jess Craven

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