Resistbot Petition: We’re about to hit a “childcare cliff!” Do something!Resistbot Petition: We’re about to hit a “childcare cliff!” Do something!

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

We’re about to hit a “childcare cliff!” Do something!

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The impending expiration of $24 billion in pandemic relief funding for childcare on September 30th poses a significant threat to millions of families. This funding has been instrumental in stabilizing childcare providers grappling with enrollment drops and staffing shortages. Without intervention, the cost of childcare is projected to rise, disproportionately affecting working and middle-class families. This could lead to a reliance on unreliable or low-quality care options or force parents to leave their jobs. A permanent solution to the childcare crisis is needed. This includes an emergency infusion of funds now and a reevaluation of how childcare is valued and funded. Despite political challenges, it’s crucial to find a bipartisan compromise to prevent a childcare cliff. Please renew and increase COVID-era childcare funding, and work towards a sustainable solution for the childcare system. Thanks.

▶ Created on September 9 by Jess Craven

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