Resistbot Petition: Make sure critical priorities are kept in the Reconciliation Package!
An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Make sure critical priorities are kept in the Reconciliation Package!

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I support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and urge you to vote YES on the budget resolution. Please reject any amendments that cut critically important investments. I am particularly concerned about amendments that would cut investments in health care affordability; the expanded Child Tax Credit; a pathway to citizenship to Dreamers, essential workers, farmworkers, and other eligible immigrants; education including affordable child care, free pre-K and community college; clean energy initiatives; affordable housing; nutrition for children and families; expanded home- and community-based care for the aging and people with disabilities; and paid family and medical leave. We can afford the $3.5 trillion budget resolution when the rich and corporations finally start paying their fair share. This means taxing wealth like work, raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, and investing in IRS enforcement to crack down on wealthy and corporate tax dodgers. It also means saving money by allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. You have the opportunity to invest in our families and communities -- paid for by ensuring the rich and corporations finally pay their fair share. Please do not let this opportunity pass us by. Thank you.

▶ First sent on August 10, 2021 by Jessica Craven

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