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In addition to litany of gross human rights violations Israel has committed against Palestinians, the ICJ's recent ruling should be more than enough to constitute credible evidence under Leahy Law to suspend military arms and money transfers to Israel under Leahy law. You have failed Palestinians, Americans and the rest of the world with your lack of action. I am disgusted and appalled by this government. To be 100% clear- YOU are what makes me ashamed to be American. YOUR complicity in genocide and lack of care for humanity is what makes me see my country as a burden to all humanity. Do the right thing right now. I demand that you: – Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, the West Bank, and all areas the Israeli military is murdering or otherwise violating the human rights of Palestinians – Call for the immediate end of genocide, apartheid, and occupation, and support Palestinians in their fight for freedom, peace, and their human rights – Call for the immediate release of Palestinian “prisoners” (hostages) held captive in Israeli military prisons – Permanently end all monetary and military aid given to Israel by correcting our budget and enforcing Leahy Law – Reallocate all funds given to Israel to ongoing humanitarian relief for Palestinians to help them rebuild, care for the sick & injured, bury the dead with dignity, and ensure all of their basic needs are taken care of – Repeal all federal anti-BDS laws and pass legislation that voids all state-level anti-BDS laws – Restore my right to free speech and the freedom of the press by condemning all discrimination or harassment for criticizing any government or political ideology (including zionism) and by doing everything possible to prevent future assaults to my rights, including governmental control and/or censorship of the Internet – Stop the militarization of our police by ending all cross-training done with the Israeli military, ceasing the construction of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, and all other ways this is accomplished – Pass legislation that prohibits any governmental action that would target any ethnic, religious, or other minority group (including Palestinians), either in the U.S. or abroad, by restricting humanitarian or financial aid, infringing on their human rights, or other actions that would otherwise bring harm or cause undue burdens on said groups

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