Resistbot Petition: Act now against Russian war crimes in Ukraine

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Act now against Russian war crimes in Ukraine

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Russia's unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine continues at this very moment. War crimes like the ones seen in Bucha are happening right now in towns across Ukraine. Torture and mass executions of civilians. Sexual violence as a weapon of war. These crimes will be your legacy if you do not take immediate action to stop them! Ukraine continues to fight bravely and courageously for its independence and democracy defending the fundamental values of a free nation. Unarmed Ukrainians stop columns of Russian tanks on their knees. But Ukraine cannot win this war alone. While the United States has done a lot to help Ukraine, there are other steps that need to be done to stop this mass killing of civilians. I urge you to ensure that the following policies are executed without any further delay: 1. Provide Ukraine with the weapons it is asking for to protect its civilians, including air defense systems; 2. Embargo all business ties with Russia and cut all Russian banks from SWIFT; 3. More rapid humanitarian aid to Ukraine; 4. Streamline the process for Ukrainian refugees in the US. Every day of waiting is a day closer to Russia defeating Ukraine and getting stronger to attack its next target. Thank you for acting now.

▶ Created on April 7, 2022 by US Ukrainian Activists

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