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Protect Trans Youth

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I am a member of the Real Mama Bears organization - an organization that supports and empowers families with LGBTQ+ members. The violent beating and death of Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old non-binary high school student of Owasso, Oklahoma, is a horrifying reminder of how many attacks there are on trans and non-binary youth in this country.  I am writing today to ask you to oppose any bills that discriminate against trans people. This includes efforts to restrict medically recommended gender affirming healthcare, efforts to stop trans kids from playing on sports teams and using public facilities that match their gender identity. Anti-transgender efforts such as those negatively impact the mental health and well being of trans youth and create hostile environments that are extremely dangerous for trans youth. I will be watching closely to see what you do to protect trans youth, and I will cast future votes accordingly. A Concerned Mama Bear

▶ Created on February 23 by Real Mama Bears

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