Resistbot Petition: The US must act to help the Afghani citizens put in danger by our withdrawal.
An open letter to the U.S. Congress

The US must act to help the Afghani citizens put in danger by our withdrawal.

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I’m writing to urge you to support the immediate evacuation of women, civil society activists, LGBTQ+, religious and ethnic minorities, and other vulnerable groups from Afghanistan. We need to supply government-run evacuation flights for the most vulnerable Afghans and use our influence to keep the Kabul airport operational. We also need to broaden visa eligibility and expedite processing for SIV, P1, and P2 visas. Afghans who do not qualify for those programs need to be granted humanitarian parole.  We must demand that third-party processing countries drop visa requirements for those fleeing Afghanistan. These requirements are difficult to meet in the best of times, let alone during a humanitarian disaster and political collapse. Further, the DHS must designate Afghans for Temporary Protected Status to prevent deportations or other returns to Afghanistan.  The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the forceful resurgence of the Taliban is horrifying. After pursuing 20 years of failed policies that have created a humanitarian crisis, the absolute least the US can do is QUICKLY provide refuge to those seeking it. Thanks.

▶ First sent on August 18, 2021 by Jessica

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