Resistbot Petition: President Biden, fire Christopher Wray NOW! (And replace Merrick Garland.)
An open letter to the President

President Biden, fire Christopher Wray NOW! (And replace Merrick Garland.)

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Sir, I just read the Washington Post's new coverage of the Capitol riots, and I'm sickened. More than anything I'm worried at how many red flags there were ahead of this event, and how steadfastly they were ignored by everyone, but particularly the FBI. Ao I’m writing to urge you to fire Christopher Wray. The FBI knew the danger; they knew people would *die* if they failed to act. Yet they did nothing. I'm begging you to fire Wray. Further, you need to replace Merrick Garland. He might be a good AG during peaceful times, but you need a “wartime Consigliere,” as it were. Garland is not it. He's failing to prosecute these acts of treason as aggressively as he must if we are to avoid repeating them. The response to this horrific event has been anemic & shatteringly inadequate. Please, there’s no time to waste. Get folks in these positions who will do what needs to be done, or the violence next time could be far worse. Our democracy is in your hands. Thanks.

▶ First sent on November 1, 2021 by Jessica

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