Resistbot Petition: New polling--Americans want more action on climate!
An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

New polling--Americans want more action on climate!

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I wanted to share some polling I just received from the Environmental Polling Consortium. It says: Polls released this week confirm that voters want more congressional action to help combat climate change. Data for Progress finds that more than three in five voters say it’s important for Congress to address the issue, while CBS News and YouGov find that just over seven in ten Americans want their own representative in Congress to support efforts to fight climate change. Here’s more relevant new data: 71% of Americans want their representative in Congress to support efforts to fight climate change [CBS News + YouGov] 67% of Americans who report that their area has experienced more extreme weather in recent years say that the experience has made them more concerned about climate change [CBS News + YouGov] 62% of voters agree that climate change presents a threat to Americans’ health [Data for Progress] 60% of voters agree that climate change is a “crisis” [Data for Progress] 60% of voters recognize that the frequency of natural disasters has increased in recent years [Data for Progress] 57% of voters say that a commitment to tackling climate change is “very” or “somewhat” important in determining their support for a presidential candidate [Data for Progress] More Americans name climate change and the environment as the single “most important issue” to them than any other issue aside from inflation/prices, health care, and the economy/jobs [The Economist + YouGov] I hope you will read these statistics and act accordingly. Climate change is an existential threat, and most Americans know it. We want our representatives to do more, do it faster, and make NO more concessions to the oil and gas industry! Our children’s futures depend on it. Thanks.

▶ First sent on January 13 by Jess Craven

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