Resistbot Petition: 100 American communities have called for a ceasefire. Ceasefire now!

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

100 American communities have called for a ceasefire. Ceasefire now!

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One hundred American communities across the country, from major cities like Chicago to small towns like Newfane, Vermont, have passed resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This grassroots movement reflects the will of millions of Americans who demand an end to the violence that has caused over 32,000 Palestinian civilian casualties and left nearly 75,000 injured. Even the city councils of Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis and other metropolitan areas have endorsed ceasefire resolutions, amplifying the voices of their constituents. A growing number of members of Congress have also called for a ceasefire, but more pressure is needed for the administration to act decisively. The senseless killing must stop immediately through diplomatic means, as the military assault has only worsened the humanitarian crisis, displacing over 85% of Gaza's population and pushing them to the brink of mass starvation. This plea represents the values of human rights, compassion, and peace shared by the American people. Heed the call from communities nationwide - work proactively to achieve an immediate and permanent bilateral ceasefire in Gaza. Source:

▶ Created on May 14 by Israelisrealterrorist

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