Resistbot Petition: Unlocking Justice: Support Missouri Criminal Justice Reform (Mo. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Mo. only)

Unlocking Justice: Support Missouri Criminal Justice Reform

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I urge you to support HB1777 (Perkins), SB905 (Coleman), HB2059 (Keathley), HB2203 (Collins), SB1333 (Roberts), HB2502 (Oehlerking), and SB1254 (Razer), which collectively represent a holistic approach to criminal justice reform in Missouri by addressing systemic barriers, promoting humane treatment, and investing in rehabilitation and reentry programs. HB1777 and SB905 seek to opt Missouri out of a federal provision that has proven to be detrimental to individuals with prior drug felonies. Missouri's current stance on SNAP benefits for those with drug felonies presents a significant barrier to successful reintegration into society. Despite having served their time, individuals with drug felonies are denied access to SNAP, depriving them of a fundamental necessity: food. This punitive measure fails to acknowledge the complexities of addiction and rehabilitation. Missouri must join the 29 other states that have recognized the importance of providing support to those in need and opt out of this federal law. Additionally, HB1777 and SB905 addresses critical gaps in care within the corrections system, particularly concerning the treatment of pregnant individuals. The practice of shackling pregnant, laboring, and postpartum individuals is not only dehumanizing but also poses serious health risks. By prohibiting the use of restraints in city and county jails, Missouri would take a significant step toward upholding the dignity and well-being of all incarcerated individuals, regardless of their circumstances. Similarly, HB2059 aims to end the use of restraints on children in juvenile court, except in cases where safety is a genuine concern. This aligns with recommendations from the American Bar Association, which emphasizes the detrimental effects of shackling on youth in court proceedings. HB2203 and SB1333 propose reforms to the good time credit system, offering incentives for incarcerated individuals to participate in educational and rehabilitative programs. By rewarding positive behavior and investment in self-improvement, these bills not only promote a safer prison environment but also increases the likelihood of successful reentry into society. Investing in programs that equip individuals with the skills and resources needed for a fresh start is essential for reducing recidivism and building stronger communities. Lastly, HB2502 and SB1254 focus on facilitating successful reentry for individuals leaving Missouri prisons by ensuring access to essential documentation and resources. By streamlining the process of obtaining identification, certifications, and employment-related documents, these bills remove bureaucratic barriers that often hinder reintegration efforts. Studies have shown that stable employment is key to reducing recidivism rates, and by supporting employment outcomes through vocational training and job readiness initiatives, Missouri can empower individuals to build better futures for themselves and their communities.

▶ Created on February 22 by MO Residents

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