Resistbot Petition: Protect Shareholder Rights for Climate Responsibility!Resistbot Petition: Protect Shareholder Rights for Climate Responsibility!

An open letter to the U.S. House of Representatives

Protect Shareholder Rights for Climate Responsibility!

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Corporations’ impact on the environment is outsized and concerning to Americans and investors alike. Many firms and nonprofit organizations work to hold corporations accountable and help them transition to meet a changing climate and economy. The House Judiciary Committee is using its time and taxpayer dollars to open an antitrust investigation targeting shareholder representative As You Sow and 13 other organizations working to secure corporate action on climate change. This is an attack on all Americans’ freedom of choice, freedom to invest, and freedom to assess and address risk. Investors have a legal right to engage and interact with other shareholders and the companies in which they hold a financial stake. They certainly also have the right to point out the grave economic risks of climate change. Climate-induced superstorms and wildfires are wiping out homes and making insurance unaffordable. Extreme heat, floods, and droughts are reducing harvests of wheat, sugar, coffee, cacao, and cotton, leading to increased prices for all Americans. In 2023 the U.S. had 28 climate-related disasters costing $92.9 billion. Climate change already impacts all Americans and our economy. I do not support this investigation and hope you will join me in calling out this waste of time and taxpayer dollars. I also urge you to join the Sustainable Investment Caucus that is standing up for our freedom to invest responsibly. Thank you for your consideration.

▶ Created on February 7 by Jess Craven

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