Resistbot Petition: DO SOMETHING about Tommy Tuberville’s military blockade!Resistbot Petition: DO SOMETHING about Tommy Tuberville’s military blockade!

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

DO SOMETHING about Tommy Tuberville’s military blockade!

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I am writing to you in your capacity as one of my Senators and a respected member of the Senate regarding Senator Tuberville’s unconscionable hold on military promotions for the sole purpose of seeking to change a policy that he has no jurisdiction over. I assume you are at least as frustrated and angry as I am about this. I realize that there are procedural hurdles, and changing the procedures may either be difficult or incur unintended consequences, but it seems to me that any action would be better than none. I realize that dealing with all of the promotions individually would take years, but would you support removing the three Joint Chiefs candidates from the list of over 300 promotions and advancing their nominations individually? That would restore some stability at that level, and might be enough to free some Republican Senators from the clutches of one of its most hypocritical members. Our national security is at risk. Please do something. Thanks.

▶ Created on August 23 by Jess Craven

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