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Attn CalFire: Climate Change is Real

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A recent study featured by BBC and NPR show that there are 5 major climate tipping points that we are on target to pass IF we meet all current climate goals. These tipping points include the collapse of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, widespread abrupt permafrost thaw, and massive die-off of tropical coral reefs-with domino affects to follow. Meanwhile, California's forests are entrusted to an agency that has lagged in coming to terms with our climate reality. CalFire is currently trying to complete timber harvest plans in our largest state forest- Jackson Demonstration State Forest. Each of these plans state that climate change is under debate and how / to what extent humans play a role is unknown ("Caspar 500" Sec. IV p.g. 157), and was approved under an inadequate EIR. It has been clearly shown that climate change is human caused, and that California's Coast Redwoods are the highest carbon sequestering and storing forest type in the world. Climate scientists and fire ecologists have warned CalFire of the immense carbon emissions and wildfire risks associated with these plans and redwood biologists have warned CalFire that their interpretation of redwoods and how they sequester and store carbon is out of date and incorrect. What is clear is that CalFire is NOT the science oriented forest managers that they claim to be. In a time of rapid climate change and the need for quick response, CalFire is decades behind on knowledge. Under the current trajectory, it is unlikely that community protest and civil disobedience will end in Jackson. The State must STOP relying on volunteers, risking their lives and freedom, to prevent this environmental damage. Please call for an immediate halt of all tree cutting, road building, and bulldozer work in the last of our Coast Redwood forest so that the community can continue working with the state to redefine the management in a way that ALL Californians can be proud.

▶ First sent on September 13, 2022 by JDSF

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