Resistbot Petition: More Military & Humanitarian Aid to UkraineResistbot Petition: More Military & Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

More Military & Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

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Ukraine needs a lot of help to defeat Putin's army. The United States has the capacity to provide military and humanitarian aid to turn the tide of this war. If Ukraine loses, the emboldened Putin will not stop until he controls all of the former Russian Empire's lands and then some. He is a threat to American interests all around the world and a threat to our allies' safety. Please put all partisan bickering aside and create a comprehensive military and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine as soon as possible. Every day of argument brings the possibility of a Russian nuclear strike closer. Ukraine needs arms, ammo, vehicles, equipment, and medical supplies. This is not about "how much the US needs to be involved overseas." This is about doing the right thing and being on the right side of history.

▶ Created on March 3, 2022 by Friends of Free and Independent Ukraine

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