Resistbot Petition: Support Missouri Clean Slate Legislation (Mo. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Mo. only)

Support Missouri Clean Slate Legislation

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I urge you to support SB763 (Williams), SB1161 (Trent), HB2108 (Christofanelli), and HB2555 (Hicks), which offer Clean Slates to our neighbors with criminal records who are eligible for expungement but are unable to access it. Automating the record clearing process is good for our community and our neighbors. Our communities thrive when people have access to basic human needs, and a past record should not prevent our neighbors from accessing housing, better paying jobs, recreation, and volunteer opportunities. Criminal records should not be a life sentence. Current Missouri law recognizes that by allowing the expungement process for up to three misdemeanors and a felony. However, we understand that the current petition based process is cumbersome and expensive, meaning only the richest and most connected of our neighbors are able to access expungement. Fewer than 1% of eligible people are able to access expungement, despite its life changing potential. Missouri is a state which values hard work and growth. Records keep folks trapped in their past bad choices, instead of celebrating change. Automating record clearing levels the playing field, allowing people to move on from mistakes. People with cleared records are less likely to commit another crime, helping to keep our neighborhoods safer. With over 1.9 million adults with records in Missouri, the time is now to clear as many records as possible. Our communities struggle to fill jobs. A person with a past criminal record may be the perfect candidate, but unable to access this job because of a past charge. Within one year of record clearing, people are 11% more likely to be employed and earn an average of 22% higher wages. Our friends, family members, and neighbors deserve a true second chance through automated record clearance. We urge the Missouri state Legislature to pass legislation to implement record clearance in Missouri as soon as possible. We have waited long enough.

▶ Created on January 21 by MO Residents

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