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An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Support Nuclear Power Now!

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As someone deeply invested in the future of our nation, I believe that nuclear power is a key component in meeting our energy needs while addressing environmental concerns. Nuclear energy offers a reliable and low-carbon power source, essential for achieving our climate goals. However, the adoption of advanced nuclear technology faces significant barriers, notably the risk of frivolous legal action that can delay or derail important projects. This not only hampers our progress in energy innovation but also undermines our national efforts towards energy independence and environmental stewardship. Abundant, clean energy is the key to raising living standards. Since the 1970s, the United States (and most Western nations) have embarked on a strategy of deprivation. It is time for primary energy availability and usage to begin climbing again, generating greater opportunities for all Americans to return to the path of prosperity that accompanied our rising utilization of energy in the post-WWII period. This does not mean increasing emissions of CO2 or other pollutants from the combustion of fossil fuels, but rather embracing far more energy dense solutions like advanced nuclear: I strongly advocate for legislation that provides a framework for the safe and efficient development of advanced nuclear power. Such legislation should include: Legal Protections: Implement safeguards against unwarranted legal challenges that hinder the progress of nuclear power projects. By establishing clear and reasonable guidelines, we can encourage investment and development in this sector without compromising safety or public interest. Streamlined Regulatory Processes: Revise current regulatory frameworks to accommodate the advancements in nuclear technology, ensuring that safety remains paramount while eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Leadership of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and EIA should be in the hands of qualified experts, not political appointees with degrees in superfluous fields. Research and Development Support: Increase federal support for research into advanced nuclear technologies, including small modular reactors and next-generation nuclear systems. This will help maintain our nation's leadership in technological innovation and energy security. Public Education and Outreach: Invest in public education initiatives to improve the understanding of nuclear energy's benefits and safety, addressing common misconceptions and building broader public support. The adoption of advanced nuclear power is not just an energy issue but a matter of national importance that impacts our economy, environment, and national security. By supporting legislation that removes barriers to its adoption, we can ensure a robust, sustainable, and secure energy future for our nation.

▶ Created on November 20 by EnergyTransitionCrisis.ORG

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