Resistbot Petition: Immediate Divestment from Israel Bonds: End Support for Human Rights Violations

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures

Immediate Divestment from Israel Bonds: End Support for Human Rights Violations

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I am writing to express my strong opposition for Israel Bonds. As a concerned constituent and supporter of Palestinian rights, I urge the state to divest from Israel Bonds immediately. Israel Bonds, often referred to as "war bonds," are deeply problematic for several reasons: 1. Funding Military Actions: ▪️Israel Bonds are perceived as supporting Israel's military actions, including its operations in Gaza and the West Bank. These bonds indirectly finance the military occupation and violence against Palestinians. 2. Supporting Occupation: ▪️The proceeds from Israel Bonds contribute to the expansion of settlements in occupied territories. These settlements are considered illegal under international law and are a major obstacle to peace. 3. Ethical Concerns: ▪️Investing in Israel Bonds is ethically problematic due to Israel's human rights record. Accusations of apartheid, disproportionate use of force, and systemic discrimination against Palestinians fuel these concerns. 4. Opposition from Constituents: ▪️Many constituents, including myself, strongly oppose investing in Israel Bonds. Our tax dollars should not support policies we consider unjust and inhumane. Ignoring this opposition breaches the trust between the government and its citizens. 5. Complicity in Human Rights Violations: ▪️By investing in Israel Bonds, our state is complicit in the human rights abuses committed by the Israeli state, including the violence, displacement, and deprivation experienced by Palestinians. 6. Diverting Funds from Local Needs: ▪️Funds invested in Israel Bonds could be better spent addressing local issues such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Investing abroad, especially in a controversial context, neglects pressing domestic needs. 7. Violations to International Law and Reputation: ▪️Supporting Israel Bonds damages our state's international reputation, as it may be seen as endorsing policies that violate international law. This can lead to strained relations with other nations and international bodies advocating for Palestinian rights. Notably, the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for alleged war crimes, further highlighting the gravity of these issues. 8. Moral and Social Responsibility: ▪️There is a growing call for socially responsible investing, which prioritizes ethical considerations. Investing in Israel Bonds is incompatible with these principles, given the ongoing conflict and human rights issues. For these reasons, I strongly urge the state to break its bonds with Israel and divest immediately. The benefits of divesting far outweigh any financial losses. Our tax dollars should be invested in healthcare, education, housing, and other essential services within the state. The state must take immediate action by calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, where over 42,000 Palestinians have been killed, and end all ties with the occupation and apartheid state of Israel. Act now or remain complicit in these injustices. Please respond promptly with confirmation. In solidarity with Palestine,

▶ Created on July 7 by Fatima

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