Resistbot Petition: End the 100-Year Green Card Backlog: Pass H.R.6542 & S.3291

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

End the 100-Year Green Card Backlog: Pass H.R.6542 & S.3291

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End the 100-Year Green Card Backlog: A Personal Call for Equitable Immigration Reform I urge immediate action to reform the U.S. immigration system, specifically supporting the Immigration Visa Efficiency and Security Act of 2023 (H.R.6542) and the EAGLE Act (S.3291), to create a fairer system that benefits our economy and aligns with our collective values. The current per-country caps have ensnared me and nearly a million other Indian immigrants in a protracted and untenable backlog, forcing us into a situation where the wait for permanent residency stretches beyond a century. This inordinate delay is not just a bureaucratic oversight but a glaring inequity that disproportionately affects individuals based on their country of origin, undermining the principles of fairness and equality that should define our immigration system. These reforms are critical to addressing the unfair per-country caps that disproportionately impact Indian immigrants, including myself. By supporting these bills, we can eradicate the backlog and guarantee a more equitable process for all involved. Moreover, I advocate for the expansion of EAD and Advance Parole for individuals with an approved I-140 immigrant petition, highlighting the necessity to ease the hardships caused by green card processing delays. Additionally, extending work authorizations to H-4 dependent visa holders without an approved I-140 is essential for enhancing the economic mobility of thousands of immigrant families. This moment is ripe for enacting meaningful immigration reform that corrects injustices and fosters a more inclusive, equitable future. I implore you, as my elected officials, to decisively support and pass these measures, demonstrating our nation's commitment to fairness and opportunity.

▶ Created on March 2 by Sanjay

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