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An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Keep everything in the BBB!

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The Build Back Better plan could be our last, best chance to pass consequential climate legislation. It must be passed alongside the bipartisan infrastructure package, and it must go big on climate by including: - Clean Electricity Payment Program that gets us on the path to 100% clean, renewable power by 2035 - Civilian Climate Corps that creates millions of good-paying jobs working on essential climate projects, and with pathways to long-term careers - The elimination of all subsidies for fossil fuel corporations, including all direct and indirect subsidies - Polluters Pay Climate Action Fund to make big polluters pay for the damage they've caused, and use the resulting funds to support climate projects … as well as tax incentives for clean energy and clean vehicles, full funding for electric buses and EV charging stations, and policies to ensure 40% of funds go to frontline communities. Thank you.

▶ Created on September 27, 2021 by Jessica

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