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Sen. Susan Collins

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Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Legislate now for gun safety

Another day another AR shooter. This time it was part of an ear and a rally attender. How many more will it take? From Sandy Hook to Uvalde to Maine to Butler PA. From 1994 to 2004 there was a federal assault weapons ban. It saved lives. Now scotus made bump stocks illegal. More firearms kill Amer

Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Ethics investigation of Rep Mike Collins. Censure him.

I am beyond horrified by Rep Mike Collins of Georgia blaming Biden for the Trump shooter and calling for a prosecution. This kind of misleading and deliberately inflammatory rhetoric is reckless and dangerous. Americans of all political persuasion should lower the temperature of the public discourse

Map PinLebanon, ME

Support Articles of Impeachment against Justice Thomas and Justice Alito

I am writing to urge your support of the recently introduced Articles of Impeachment against Justice Thomas and Justice Alito. Supreme Court Justices should be held to a higher ethical standard, but enforcing the basic minimum standards that all lower ranking employees of the Federal Government are

Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Impeach Alito and Thomas

The blatant impropriety of Justices Thomas and Alito is a danger to our democracy. They do things which lower court judges are forbidden to do- or would be censured for. I am counting on you to support AOC's move to impeach both; Please preserve our democracy by impeaching corrupt scotus justice

Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Fix scotus now

The scotus presidential immunity decision is a disaster for our democracy. Scotus has lost all legitimacy by its capricious rulings disregarding precedent and showing that justices' statements about stare decisis were lies. And then there is the ever growing lists of gifts received by th justices.

Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Scotus is corrupt and is destroying our democracy. Act.

I am terrified, alarmed, outraged, by the corruption of the Supreme Court. The recent immunity decision should chill th blood of anyone who cares about the b future of our democracy. Do something. Stop referring to the expansion of the court as packing. Impeach justices who lie. Scotus now has zero

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