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Rep. Marilyn Strickland

Verified VoterTacoma, WA

Support Biden

Please announce your public support of President Biden. Our party needs unity, and to focus on defeating Trump. The polls are all over the place, but his base is adamant that he stays in. If what the media is saying is true, and Democratic leadership is pressuring him to step down due to threats fr

Map PinTacoma, WA

Strongly and loudly support President Biden

As your constituent, I am asking that you not fall for the manufactured frenzy, the continually moving goalposts, and the enormously different standards created by the media to "report" on Biden and Trump. President Biden has been incredibly effective and continues to be the president we need. Plea

Map PinLacey, WA

President Biden must step aside as Democratic nominee

Thank you for all you do to protect our democracy. The health of our democracy depends on strong leaders who fight for the peaceful transfer of power, fo r checks and balances, and for civil liberties for all citizens. It also depends on leaders who are willing to step aside when their time is done.

Map PinUniversity Place, WA

The president is not above the law. The Supreme Court has gone too far.

Yesterday's SCOTUS decision on presidential immunity raises concerns. Congress should consider drafting and passing a bill providing legal definitions of US Const. Art. II "official acts" of a president. Section 4 of Article II makes clear that the framers of the Constitution did not intend to immun

Verified VoterTacoma, WA

Please support Sen. Tina Smith's bill to repeal the Comstack act and take away the tool fascist Republicans can use to ban abortion nationally.

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