Don't Replace Joe Biden
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Don't Replace Joe Biden

To: Sen. Ossoff, Sen. Warnock

From: A verified voter in Palmetto, GA

July 11

Dear Sirs - I am a senior citizen on a fixed income living in Fulton County, Georgia. I have donated money I could ill-afford to donate and used energy I didn't really have to flip Georgia Blue. Worked and voted for both of you, to elect President Biden, and did so again in the 2024 primary. Please tell your colleagues and Jamie Harrison that if they choose to disregard all my work, my money, and my primary vote for Biden and replace him with a different Democrat, not only will I stay home on November 5th - seeing as how my voice doesn't matter anyway - I will persuade my Blue voting friends to do the same. Let's see how the elites fare after they ignore the plain will of the people expressed during the primaries, annoint a replacement when it's far too late to even have this discussion, and let Trump win due to the voter apathy they themselves are creating. I am done with this mess. I don't have kids or grandkids, I'm old and evidently old people are considered incompetent these days, and since they're about to exclude me from the game anyway, I have no reason to try to stay in it. Thank you.

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