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Georgia Open Letters

Verified VoterAtlanta, GA

Please oppose the DFR Act

Please oppose the Drones for First Responders Act, a misleading name for a bill that would hurt drone users like me across the country. This bill would create new taxes on the most popular drones in the U.S. and, by 2030, ban those drones entirely. The drones that would be prohibited are popular for

Map PinDecatur, GA

Require security clearance for anyone getting intelligence info!

Please make basic security clearance a prerequisite for serving on committees that deal with sensitive information. Today's news of Scott Perry & Ronny Jackson being appointed to the Intelligence Committee is alarming. (If they don't work directly for Putin, they might as well. ) On that note, can

Map PinAvondale Estates, GA

Support Right to Contraception Act, protect reproductive freedoms

As Americans, we must protect the fundamental rights of women to have full autonomy over their own bodies and make personal decisions about reproductive healthcare. The move by House Democrats to force a vote on the Right to Contraception Act is an essential step in safeguarding access to critical c

Map PinSmyrna, GA

Permanent ceasefire now

My heart is broken. When is enough for you? President Biden is complicit in these war crimes by continuing to support and fund Israel. I’m beyond disgusted. When will we finally be heard? Permanent ceasefire now.

Map PinTucker, GA

Do the right thing and stand up for innocent civilians

I am writing to you following the horrific massacre in Rafah, which has seen Israel bomb displaced Palestinians taking refuge in tents. The strike resulted in widespread fires burning people alive, bodies being ripped to shreds and the decapitation of an infant child. Over 45 Palestinians have been

Verified VoterAugusta, GA

I have been outraged by our nation's support of Israel's constant attacks on Palestinian civilians for months but Sunday's bombing of refugee camp in Raf ah has put me so far over the top that I can't even sleep. We are allowing our country to support Israel in burning children alive while they slee

Map PinAlpharetta, GA

Medicare coverage for weight loss drugs could boost health

Medicare should provide coverage for weight loss medications for obese patients to improve health outcomes and reduce long-term healthcare costs associated with obesity-related conditions. Obesity increases the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Map PinMarietta, GA

Ukraine must be allowed to strike military targets inside Russian territory

We must allow Ukraine to use weapons we have provided to strike inside Russian borders. Why are we forcing Ukraine to fight with one hand tied behind their back? Why are we allowing Russia to launch airstrike after airstrike into civilian targets entirely safe from retribution just because they're o

Verified VoterMacon, GA

CCCA - Credit card competition act

Please vote no on the credit card competition act. This is a thinly veiled attempt to keep money in the hands of multi billion dollar corporations. I do not believe the money saved will make it to the consumer but will instead become profits. Please allow us to keep storing credit card points to ear

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