Support Georgian Democracy, Pass MEGOBARI Act
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Support Georgian Democracy, Pass MEGOBARI Act

To: Sen. Casey, Sen. Fetterman, Rep. Scanlon

From: A constituent in King of Prussia, PA

May 28

On May 28th, despite months of protest from a populace determined to not return to the repression of the Soviet-era, the Georgian Parliament voted to adopt a Russian law and turn away from attempts at western integration. In response, Representatives Wilson, Cohen, Hudson, and Veasey introduced legislation to support the Georgian people through a mix of targeted sanctions and closer cooperation if the Georgian government abandons the Russian Foreign Agents law, titled the MEGOBARI Act. The MEGOBARI Act is a crucial piece of legislation that reaffirms the United States' commitment to supporting Georgia's democratic institutions, human rights, and rule of law. It addresses the concerning democratic backsliding witnessed in recent years and aims to counter the growing influence of authoritarian regimes, particularly Russia, in the region. By introducing measures such as reporting on corrupt practices, identifying individuals undermining democracy for potential sanctions, establishing a democracy monitoring task force, and outlining further assistance contingent upon the Georgian government abandoning the Russian Foreign Agents law and making democratic progress, the Act sends a clear message about the importance of upholding democratic values and principles in Georgia. As your constituent, I ask you to cosponsor this crucial and bipartisan legislation.

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