Act in Accordance with Nakba Day
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Act in Accordance with Nakba Day

To: Rep. D'Esposito, Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Schumer

From: A verified voter in Garden City, NY

May 15

Today is Nakba day. Today we remember the first Nakba and condemn the administrations of Israel that have allowed continued Nakbas as well as entrenching the apartheid state founded at the Nakba and not returning stolen land to the indigenous Palestinians (many of whom still have the legal deeds to their land, voided by the rogue state of Israel). Currently President Biden wants to send a billion dollar package to this genocidal regime. I implore you in the strongest terms to stand against this act of aggression in the current genocide, the current Nakba. I implore you to stand against this genocide. I implore you to recognize the suffering of the people of Gaza for the genocide and the larger arm of an ethnic cleansing operation (across Palestine) that it is.

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