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Verified VoterCorona, NY

Support the Airborne Act to protect us all!

To prevent the continuing spread of COVID-19 and to defend ourselves from future respiratory illnesses, we need to demand better indoor air quality. To that end, the Airborne Act aims to require indoor air quality assessments of non-residential buildings and upgrade their filtration systems. Please

Map PinNewfield, NY

Support Biden

Recent reports suggest some Democratic leaders have privately urged President Biden not to seek re-election in 2024. However, it is crucial that the party presents a united front against the disturbing rise of fascist ideologies and threats to democracy. President Biden was democratically elected an

Map PinBrooklyn, NY

Support Bianca’s Law

I write to bring urgent attention to the pressing need for strengthened regulation of social media platforms, prompted by recent tragic events such as the case of Bianca Devins.   The prevalence of harmful content and inadequate moderation practices on social media platforms poses a significant thre

Map PinStaten Island, NY


I am writing to ask that President Biden and my congressional representatives in the Senate and the House push for a permanent ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. Additionally, I would like to see any funds approved at this time being sent to Israel and Palestine be put towards humanitarian aid t

Map PinNew York, NY

Support Team Biden-Harris

As a strong supporter of Team Biden-Harris, I am disappointed beyond measure at Democratic leadership's attempt to push the president from the race. I expect leadership to fight for our candidate, not against him. Joe Biden has been the most successful president in modern times. I'm excited by what

Verified VoterNew Hyde Park, NY


Get behind our chosen candidate Joe Biden! WTF are you guys playing at? WE WANT JOE. The man with a PROVEN RECORD of helping the working people! STOP PLAYING GAMES or we’ll end up in some concentration camp for liberals come January 2025. Democrats have spoken, have chosen Joe! Why are you listen

Verified VoterFreeville, NY

Co-sponsor and support HR 3422 the judiciary act of 2023

Hi, I'm a constituent from 13068. My name is Patricia Witten I’m happy to hear President Biden hinting that he will come out in support of term limits for Supreme Court justices, as well as an enforceable code of ethics and even a constitutional amendment to reverse the effect of the Supreme Court’s

Map PinLarchmont, NY

I’m happy to hear President Biden hinting that he will come out in erse the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision on presidential imm forceable code of ethics and even a constitutional amendment to rev support of term limits for Supreme Court justices, as well as an en unity. I strongly, strongly

Verified VoterIthaca, NY

I’m writing to express my distress about President Biden’s poor performance at the debate. He has done an incredible job as President, however, this election is not about his past performance. Rather, the 2024 election is about the future. It’s about building excitement in independent voters, young

Map PinMineola, NY

No to Virtual Nomination!

The stakes remain incredibly high and the need for a leader who can inspire confidence and effectively address our nation’s pressing challenges is more urgent than ever. Recent developments have raised significant concerns. It has come to light that the DNC is attempting to fast-track the nominatio

Verified VoterHudson, NY

Support Biden-Harris!

Letter to senators: I am shocked by statements purportedly made by Adam Schiff. No Democratic candidate running for Senate should be predicting our party’s defeat. I am sure many people are regretting their vote today—for Mr. Schiff. I call on senators from New York and especially Senator Schu

Verified VoterHudson, NY

I am shocked by statements purportedly made by Adam Schiff. No Democratic candidate running for Senate should be predicting our party’s defeat. I am sure many people are regretting their vote today—for Mr. Schiff. I call on senators from New York and especially Senator Schumer as Majority Leade

Verified VoterBrooklyn, NY

Concerns about Biden's viability as 2024 presidential candidate

Dear Senator, I'm pretty worried about the upcoming presidential election next year. I really respect President Biden, but sometimes he seems kind of confused or loses focus when giving speeches. That makes me worried about whether he'll be able to take on the Republican opponent and protect our rig

Map PinNew York, NY

I am writing to support great regulation by the FAA and other government organizations of Boeing. I am currently reading a story in NY magazine about all of the corners that Boeing cuts in manufacturing and how several of their lead engineers and quality control team members have left their jobs, or

Map PinFulton, NY

This may be a futile request, but ca n't anything be done about Judge Cannon? She is so obviously and completely biased in all of her rulings in the documents case. It's beyond frustrating at this point.

Map PinNew York, NY

I am writing to express my support for Ukraine and the removal of any restrictions on their use of weapons against Russia. We have gone so far as to aid them with supplies and systems, I believe they should now be able to use them effectively without concerns of escalation. Russia will stop at nothi

Map PinGarden City, NY

Foreign Aid

End all U.S. support to the state of Israel.

Verified VoterBrooklyn, NY

Biden must drop out of the race

Please urge President Biden to step aside for the election this November. He can finish his current term, but democracy is on the line and right now, it feels almost certain that Trump will win against Biden in November. Do not let the shooting that targeted Trump cause this issue to be put on the

Map PinChamplain, NY

Oppose the New Apostolic Reformation for the good of our country.

I am writing in strong opposition of the NAR or New Apolostolic Reformation that speaker Mike Johnson has proposed. This is an absolute repugnancy to our foundation as a nation and what our forefathers valued most when they wrote the constitution. 90% of Americans completely oppose the amalgamation

Verified VoterRego Park, NY

Urge President Biden to Pass the Torch

I am urging you as leaders of the Democratic Party to ask president Biden to step aside and pass the torch to new leadership. I have the utmost respect for the president, I volunteered and donated in 2020. I support his efforts and believe he has done a wonderful job, especially with such a narrow m

Verified VoterRochester, NY

Shut down the drama!! It's BidenHarris2024 or Trump.

I and we support BidenHarris. Shut down this BS drama from pundits & elites. #BidenHarris2024

Map PinBrooklyn, NY

Urgent Call for Stronger Animal Protection Laws in New York

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing as a concerned resident of Brooklyn and an advocate for animal welfare. Recently, Second Chance Rescue reported a horrific incident involving a stray cat in Queens. A group of teenagers tortured this cat, named Dino, by lighting fireworks on his body a

Map PinBrooklyn, NY

Support Biden and stop the party infighting

believe Biden is the best candidate to reach independent voters, white women, and white men...who we need to keep Democrats in power and for a return of I'm a constituent in Brooklyn who is terrified of project 25 and the furious over the loss of constitutional rights for women to control their bodi

Verified VoterNew York, NY

It’s time to ask Biden to step aside.

After the disastrous presidential debate where we all saw President Biden’s difficulties speaking, holding his train of thought, or prosecuting the case against his opponent, he needed to do three things right away. He needed to be honest with us about it - to own it and discuss it; he needed to sho

Map PinGarden City, NY

Foreign Policy: Israel

End all U.S. support for Israel as it continues to commit genocide on the people of Gaza.

Verified VoterBrooklyn, NY

Biden must drop out of race NOW

It is time for President Biden to gracefully bow out of this race. Our democracy, our courts, our rights are all at stake. The optics of Biden being too old to run again are now too strong to counter. Now NY is considered a battleground state??? Calling Kamala VP Trump? Calling Zelensky Putin?? Each

Verified VoterMamaroneck, NY

Supreme Court

I understand that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has introduced articles of impeachment against U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Good! I want the Congressmember and Senators to support this effort. Thomas and Alito are deeply corrupt and compromised. They have d

Verified VoterStaten Island, NY

Recent suggestions for President Biden to step aside from seeking re-election are misguided and counterproductive. President Biden has delivered significant achievements for the American people, including historically low unemployment, robust economic growth, and important legislative victories. His

Verified VoterWoodstock, NY

Biden must step down

younger carry our country forward. Thank you I strongly urge you to tell President Biden to step down. I love him and he's been a great president, but it's time for him to step down and let someone

Verified VoterSchenectady, NY

Too many bills are being passed with anti-LGBTQ ammendments and riders. The National Defense Authorization Act which just passed the Senate Armed Services Committee contains two amendments which openly discriminate against Transgender service members and our dependents. Gender affirming care is life

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