Keep This In Mind When Running For Reelection: I VOTE AGAINST GENOCIDE.
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Keep This In Mind When Running For Reelection: I VOTE AGAINST GENOCIDE.

To: Sen. Hickenlooper, Pres. Biden, Sen. Bennet, Rep. Crow

From: A verified voter in Littleton, CO

July 10

In our country’s past, many people have become disengaged with our political system. Voting down the party line is a common practice aimed at keeping the “lesser of two evils” from coming into power. I am writing to you today to let you know that I stand solidly for human rights, and I will vote accordingly. Whether that means voting Democrat, Republican, Third Party, Uncommitted, writing in a candidate, or submitting a blank ballot, I will confidently dedicate my vote ONLY to those who oppose Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza. And while this is certainly not the only issue that I am concerned with, it IS a hard, red line. Consider this simple fact every time you have the opportunity to vote on legislation that supports the destruction of a people, in whole or in part. Or, for that matter, arming a country such as Israel, who is currently committing genocide and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people. Remember, the lesser of two evils is still decidedly evil. Take a stand for human rights and you can count on my vote at the ballot.

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