Please do NOT fast-track KOSA and COPPA 2.0!
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Please do NOT fast-track KOSA and COPPA 2.0!

To: Sen. Butler, Pres. Biden, Sen. Padilla, Rep. Panetta

From: A constituent in Santa Cruz, CA

May 8

Please do NOT fast-track KOSA and COPPA 2.0! KOSA remains a dangerous bill that would allow the government to decide what types of information can be shared and read online by everyone. It would still require an enormous number of websites, apps, and online platforms to filter and block legal, and important, speech. It would almost certainly still result in age verification requirements. Some of its provisions have ( changed ( over time, and its latest changes are detailed below. But those improvements do not cure KOSA’s core First Amendment problems. Moreover, a close review shows that state attorneys general still have a great deal of power to target online services and speech they do not like, which we think will harm children seeking access to basic health information and a variety of other content that officials deem harmful to minors.

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