Restore agency authority, protect democratic governance
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Restore agency authority, protect democratic governance

To: Sen. Butler, Rep. Gomez, Sen. Padilla

From: A constituent in Los Angeles, CA

July 1

The Supreme Court's recent decision to eliminate the Chevron deference doctrine is deeply concerning, as it threatens to undermine the authority of federal agencies and concentrate even more power in the hands of an unelected judiciary. This ruling has far-reaching implications for the ability of agencies to effectively implement and enforce laws passed by Congress, potentially leading to regulatory chaos and undermining critical protections for public health, worker safety, and the environment. We must take action to restore the proper balance of power between the branches of government and prevent the Supreme Court from accumulating excessive authority. Congress should explore legislative measures to re-establish clear guidelines for judicial deference to agency expertise, while respecting the Court's role in interpreting statutory ambiguities. Additionally, efforts should be made to depoliticize the judicial nomination process and promote greater ideological balance on the Supreme Court. Failing to address this alarming power grab by the Court risks eroding the checks and balances fundamental to our democratic system of government. Swift and decisive action is needed to safeguard the integrity of our institutions and ensure that the will of the people, as expressed through their elected representatives in Congress, takes precedence over the ideological agendas of a judicial few.

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