An open letter to Rep. Carey, Pres. Biden, Sen. Brown, Sen. Vance.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Carey, Pres. Biden, Sen. Brown, Sen. Vance

From: A verified voter in Columbus, OH

June 3

Our reputation as a nation that stands for liberty and against oppression cannot withstand the righteous ridicule we are facing while we prop up the xenophobic and colonist authoritarian regime in Israel. Innocent women and children are dying at the hands of bombs that we have supplied, with money that we have supplied, while we have shielded Israel from the international community and allowed them to continue their apartheid and genocide of innocent Palestinians. If our nation’s reputation is to withstand scrutiny in world affairs in the future, we must be as earnest in speaking out against Israel’s hateful violence against the Palestinians as we are to Hamas’ violence against Israel. Ought we consider that Israel is a government with funding and support, waging war against a fledgling state without any autonomy or prospects of their own self determination? Ought we to consider that our nation once found itself in the same position, fighting against the violence of those who would declare sovereignty over us? Every moment that we allow Israel to push Palestinians to the brink of extinction is missed opportunity for our nation to reclaim its moral authority on the world stage. Not only are we losing the respect of other nations, our own citizens are losing hope that our government is in disrepair—and no longer abides the will of the people, for the good of our people. Set aside politics and campaign funding, and just do what’s right for a change. In the end, Americans will always support and trust a righteous and just government. But those who stand in the way of that justice shall be cast into the dustbin of history.

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