Character performers at Disneyland unionize for better working conditions
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Character performers at Disneyland unionize for better working conditions

To: Sen. Cantwell, Pres. Biden, Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez, Sen. Murray

From: A constituent in Longview, WA

May 25

The recent unionization vote by character performers at Disneyland Resort is a significant development for worker rights and fair labor practices. By an overwhelming 79% majority, these dedicated workers have chosen to join the Actors Equity Association to address concerns about health and safety standards, wage levels, benefits, working conditions, and job security. This decision reflects the legitimate demands of the workforce to have a collective voice in shaping their work environment and ensuring they are treated equitably. While Disney has long been an iconic brand associated with magic and entertainment, it is crucial to recognize that behind the scenes, real people are working diligently to bring those experiences to life. These performers, who embody beloved characters and participate in parades, play a pivotal role in creating the enchantment that draws millions of visitors to Disneyland each year. Their well-being and fair treatment should be a top priority for a company that prides itself on creating happiness and magical memories. Unionization provides workers with a platform to collectively negotiate for better terms and conditions, fostering a more equitable and sustainable workplace. It is a fundamental right that should be respected and supported, especially in an industry where the physical and emotional demands on performers can be significant. By standing together, these workers can advocate for improvements that not only benefit themselves but also contribute to a healthier and more productive work environment, ultimately enhancing the overall guest experience. In an era where corporations are often scrutinized for prioritizing profits over people, it is essential for companies like Disney to demonstrate their commitment to ethical labor practices and the well-being of their workforce. Supporting the unionization efforts of these character performers is not only the right thing to do but also aligns with the values of inclusivity, fairness, and respect that Disney claims to uphold.

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