Uphold Reproductive Rights: Pass Right to Contraception Act
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Uphold Reproductive Rights: Pass Right to Contraception Act

To: Sen. Casey, Sen. Fetterman

From: A verified voter in Lancaster, PA

June 3

The context provided outlines a proposed bill, the Right to Contraception Act, which aims to protect an individual's ability to access and use contraceptives, as well as a healthcare provider's ability to provide related services. Given the importance of reproductive rights and healthcare access, this bill seeks to safeguard these fundamental freedoms at the federal level. While access to contraception is recognized as a constitutional right by the Supreme Court, recent efforts by some states to restrict or ban certain contraceptive methods underscore the need for legislative action. The bill would prevent such limitations by preempting state laws that impede access to contraceptives, contraception services, or related information. It also establishes a private right of action for individuals or entities adversely affected by violations. By codifying protections for contraceptive access and use, this bill upholds principles of bodily autonomy, reproductive freedom, and equal participation in society. It recognizes contraception as essential healthcare integral to making decisions about one's body, family planning, and life's course. Enacting this legislation would be a step towards ensuring these rights are safeguarded nationwide, particularly for marginalized communities facing heightened barriers to reproductive healthcare. Therefore, I urge you to support the passage of the Right to Contraception Act to protect the fundamental right to access contraceptives and contraception services free from undue government interference or coercion. This bill is vital to upholding constitutional principles and advancing reproductive justice.

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